September =)

It’s been a month since I have posted on here so I figure I would share some updates about how things has been for me.

On my last update, I mentioned about my new job and I have been working there for exactly a month. Working there has taught me to manage my time, listen, and pay attention a lot more. Though I have met a lot of great people, I don’t think that working in a fast food restaurant/s is an option for me. Honestly, I am stubborn but I try very hard to set it aside when I am at work. All my life, I never liked being told by people what to do especially millions of tasks at the same time. I am a good multi-tasker but when people are yelling at me is a different story. Also, just like I mentioned, I have been working for a month now and I still haven’t got paid when we were suppose to get paid every two weeks. It hasn’t been helping me because I got a job for the reason that I am needing the money for my school books and other necessities. I am hoping that this coming week, I will get paid.


On the other hand, it’s September and in two weeks, I will be 21! How exciting is that! 🙂


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