Canada, Eh?

On May 23, 2012, we started our journey to Canada. As I mentioned on my older post, this year was my second year to go there on a mission trip. Last year, we stayed in Grassy Narrows, Kenora, Ontario, Canada. This year we went to a different Indian Reservation called Shoal Lake #39 reservation. This year was so much different from last year because Grassy Narrows had a church established in their area for about ten years while #39 doesn’t have one yet. Also, the elders of Grassy Narrows are mostly Christians and #39 aren’t (their Chief is a Christian, as one of the natives said). It was kind of a miracle that they let us stay in their newly built Community Center. However, after a few days during our stay, some of our guys went to talk to their Chief to ask what we else we could while we were staying there. We found out that Satan has been taking over the hearts of their elders and realized how mad they were because we came to their reserve. Their Chief would have approved our stay but he had to follow their elders if he wanted to keep his job. That day, we started our Spiritual Battle against Satan. Our campus ministers had to make a decision whether to stay or move to Grassy Narrows where we were welcome to stay.  After hours of prayers and staying still (Psalm 46:10), they finally decided that we weren’t leaving. The main reason why they didn’t want us there is because they’re a very traditional tribe. They didn’t want us ‘Christians’ to go and make disciples in their tribe and try to convert their members. Another reason is because of the history in the past between Native Indians and Americans.

Devotion time in the mornings. We circled around and talked about some scriptures of the day then went around one by one and said a prayer/praise. After a few days, we had to divide the whole team into groups of three or four and prayed because it consumed a lot of time when we did the whole circle together.

On the other hand, the first day we arrived, we just spent the day inside the community building while we got to know each team members and unpacked our goodies. On the second day, we divided into two groups and went out to hand out invitations and posted posters in the public areas. The other team went to the neighboring reservation called #40. Later that day, some children and few adults came so we played soccer with them while the adults including Alex and Hank (two Christian natives) hung around the other team members. At night, after supper we had a worship and some of our team members gave their testimonies.

This is Jay Kim, his wife, Mary, and the taller guy is Alex. Jay and Mary are missionaries in the area of Kenora, ON.

Playing Darlene’s game. Eba is the one dancing.

Alex with his grand children and some other kids from the reservation.

Playing soccer

Stephen Williamson and Tara Kopff led our worships

Kusuma giving her testimony

Jennifer giving her testimony

Ryan giving his testimony aswell


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