Surprise presents for a friend

May 8-9, 2012

Last week, I went to town to meet with my friend who scheduled a Senior photo session with me for her senior pictures but unfortunately she cancelled with me in the last minute and I didn’t know about it until I was in town already. Because of that I decided to just go and  visit with some of my friends. We hung out the rest of the afternoon and later on decided to go to the park.

This is a picture that Levi took, from left to right – Christina, Bola, and myself. It was a great time until my car decided not to start when we were about to leave because the park was closing in less than ten minutes! We were unsuccessful so we decided to leave my car for the night and come early in the morning to try and start it again. After a few tries of jump-start, I decided to just get it towed. 



Later that day, I stayed for a while and spent time with Diann, Bola, and Christina. Diann, or most of us call her, Mama Dee. She is a music teacher and also the wife/director of Baptist Student Union in Trenton, Missouri. We helped her with some of her paperwork at school and went shopping afterwards. Diann decided to buy a cute dress for Christina and some other accessories that goes with it as a present for her wonderful job this year with serving the lord, helping others specially Diann, and being a Missionary. 


The dress is kind of “Indian-ish” for a purpose. Christina will be spending her time as a missionary in the Indian Reservations in Kenora, Ontario, Canada. Last year we went together as a team like they always have for four years or so. In nine days, they will be leaving again as a group with additional people from different campuses in Missouri. I planned to go since last year but I might not be able to due to financial issues and time but the Lord and Diann has been nice to me to give me a scholarship to go with them. However, I am still not sure because of work but I am praying that God will help me figure out what he really wants me to do. Please pray for me and the rest of my team.


Thank you!


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